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Practice Management

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I need help but I’m not sure I’m ready to hire and train someone.

I’d like to acquire a local practice but I don’t have the financial or business resources to make it happen.

We know what it takes to build a successful financial services practice. Regardless of what point you are at in your business, we’ve been there and we know the opportunities and challenges you face. We can help.

We are your resource when it comes to the business of running your business. We help you optimize your practice and increase its value.

  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) consultation
  • Strategic planning & SWOT analysis
  • Business formation and entity structure
  • Acquisition (M&A) support
  • Support in switching broker-dealers
  • Hiring and training best practices
  • Continuity and succession planning
  • Client segmentation
  • Mining your book
  • Workflow and processes
  • Product solution training
  • Brokerage operations
  • Outsourcing, training and on-boarding
  • Technology assessment and optimization
  • Staff support and development

Contact Taylor White at t.white@VFGhelps.com to learn more.