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Compliance & Field Supervision

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Instead of telling me I can’t do something, I wish my compliance resources would help me find a way to get it done.

We are great listeners. We are experienced. We advocate for you. Put a powerful combination of brand strength, true independence and unparalleled support on your side. As a Cambridge representative you also benefit by having the Vision Network serve as your regional OSJ manager who will:

  • Help you manage risk
  • Perform field audits
  • Consult and support your marketing efforts and client communications
  • Share best practices and ideas from our rep network
  • Introduce and connect you to areas within Vision Network
  • Provide clear, concise policies and procedures for keeping you current on regulations
  • Conduct comprehensive compliant review and research
  • Help your office understand and engage Vision Network services
  • Help you access high powered industry software such as CLIC®, eMoney, MoneyGuide Suite, Morningstar and more!

Contact Sarah Dols at s.dols@VFGhelps.com to learn more.