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Advanced Planning

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With the right expertise on my team, I’d have more to offer high net worth clients.

Our Advanced Planning team provides advanced case design, innovative sales tools and consultation that help you develop solutions and secure clients.

Wealth Enhancement | Wealth Transfer | Tax and Estate Planning

Variety of planning techniques for preserving and transferring assets in an efficient manner, including but not limited to Individual Tax Minimization Strategies, private placement life insurance, GRATs, ILITs, IDGTs and more. 

Asset Protection Planning | Life Insurance Planning

Employing risk management products and advanced planning strategies to ensure wealth is not unjustly taken. Captive insurance strategies, buy-sell arrangements, key person, executive bonus, split dollar and more. 

Premium Financing Arrangements

Funding life insurance for estate planning or business continuity planning without liquidating assets to pay premiums. 

Executive Benefits Planning

Planning techniques employers can use to recruit, reward and retain key employees.

Retirement Planning

Strategies that individuals can use to help preserve and grow their retirement assets. This could include qualified retirement plans, IRAs, ESOPs / KSOPs, and non-qualified plans such as Supplemental Executive Retirement Planning (SERP), 401k look-a-like plans, golden handcuffs and more. 

Business Continuity Planning

Planning techniques for business owners to preserve the value of their business or to pass on the ownership of their business. 

Charitable Planning

Planning techniques such as Charitable Remainder Trust, Charitable Lead Trust, Wealth Replacement Trust.

Contact Eric Johnson at e.johnson@VFGhelps.com to learn more.