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Considering a Broker-Dealer Switch? Thumbnail

Considering a Broker-Dealer Switch?

When Vision Financial Group, a Des Moines, Iowa-based financial advisory team and OSJ decided to embark on a due diligence review of broker-dealers, they committed themselves to a thorough search to find the right, long-term partner. And thorough it was. Research spanned 18 months and included reviews of 20 highly rated firms, a 150-item checklist and 9 on-site visits with broker-dealer senior management.

In May of 2020 they chose Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. (Cambridge) of Fairfield, Iowa, a record-setting 13-time “Top Broker-Dealer of the Year” award winner* known for stability, stellar reputation and high advisor satisfaction ratings year after year.

Cambridge Investment Group, Inc. is a privately held financial solutions firm focused on serving independent financial professionals. With $137B in AUA (Assets Under Advisement) and 3,600 financial professionals, Cambridge recently exceeded $1B (for the 12 months ending December 31, 2020) in gross revenue

Ownership structure was important.

“Cambridge being privately held was important to us,” says Jim Wessels, CPA/PFS, CFA and partner at Vision. “We want stability. I don’t think you necessarily get that in firms with venture capital ownership and other core business lines. Cambridge is a financially strong firm investing in the right areas. Being a top broker-dealer is their core focus.” 

Their people and culture stood out.

According to Jared Sutton, CFA, CFP® and Partner at Vision, “Cambridge is comprehensive planning-focused and align very well with our culture and values. Their staff at all levels have been amazingly response and awesome to work with. Their technology stack is progressive and flexible. Ultimately, the advisor has the ability to choose the technology partners that work best for their practice.” 

Vision Financial Group offers comprehensive planning to clients and has built infrastructure to provide broad-based support to advisors including financial planning, investment management and practice management services. 

“The transition of clients to Cambridge was smooth and faster than we even anticipated. We have been extremely happy with our move to Cambridge and are forging ahead with confidence.” says Peter Hill, ChFC® and partner at Vision.

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